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Puppet (Rewritten)
“Stop it! Please!” The man shrieked as his tears and blood spilled across the floor. He grew paler and paler with every cough and splatter. The killer watched as her poor victim only hastened his death moving back closer to the door. He was the only one left alive, his family had been slashed and stabbed to death previously. Their blood dripped from the walls, collecting in the small pools from both the living and the dead. A small drop landed from the ceiling onto the killer’s nose; that was this man’s wife, whose blood was spilt up there.
“Awww, the poor man. What to do with him?” A small voice chimed in the killer’s ear, “Should he get a quick death? Or perhaps make him suffer some more?” The killer looked up and the facing wall, her eyes wide.
“Ne…neither,” The killer hung her head low, her eyes shadowed by the hood of her cloak. She reached up with her free hand and wiped away the blood of the m
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If I Lose Myself
Bright lights blinded her. The cold operation table was no more inviting. This was the fourth or fifth time she would have surgery with the past three days. And when she wasn't being sliced open and sewn back together, she was incubating in a tube full of strange liquid. She didn't really know what was happening to her, not much more than that this was part of some multi-billion dollar project that involved young adults like herself.
"Okay I'm ready to install the glands in her arms and back."
"Did you make sure the anesthesia was strong enough?"
"Yeah, although I think we gave her the one slightly too strong. I don't think it will have any adverse effects."
"Alright then. Nurse could you bring the cart with all the tools over? And someone bring the container with the glands inside. Make sure not to open it."
"Tools and glands are good to go. Let's do this people."
"Is Ni638 stabilized?"

The voices echoed through Nikoli's head, bouncing around as if there was noth
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United States
Hey y'all, welcome to my little corner on the net.

The name's Ice, though as you'll see I have the name or Tori (my real name mrr). In game, I'm just a little dragon-derp would has a fetish for ghasts, bioshock, mindcrack, and science (SCIENCE). On the web, not much is different, just I'm not always a dragon :P I can be a kitty too :3

But yes, My name is Ice, I like minecraft, mindcrack, bioshock, attack on titan, FEZ, roosterteeth, indeed whatnot and et cetera. I write from time to time, and sometimes it's not always the happiest of things. Or, sometimes it is! I don't know xD

Oh, also I swear just a tad, so... please don't mind ^^;;;;;;;

I guess some things about me:
Favorite Food? Sushi (fucking love sushi) My one true comfort food <3
Favorite Genre of Books? Uhhhhhh, I guess fiction? By this i mean I like a lot of books that aren't based on real events, some sci-fi (reading Ender's Game right now and I love it), some fantasy (Seraphina, you must go read this book it's so good omg), realistic and teen fiction (The Fault in Our Stars will kill you, wipe your feels on the floor and stomp on them AND YOU STILL KEEP COMING BACK FOR MOAR), ya know, that sorta thing
Music? I'm a classical kinda person when it comes to playing music #violist. When it comes to listening I love alternative rock. Right now it's Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, some MCR here and there, all the goods :3 (Don't you dare mention country to me, sorry but I hate it)
Shows? Uhhhmmm, well there's AoT obviously :P, Other than that I watch Mindcrack. If you don't know what mindcrack is, first of all I say both you need to go watch some right now, and I can understand why you dont. Mindcrack is this awesome group of LPers that all play minecraft and other games together and its just the best thing <3<3<3. Also, I like Roosterteeth, RvB (YESSSS) and RWBY (<3<3<3<3<3<3)
So yeah, that's what I can think of off the top of my head that y'all need to know about me :P If you want more Ice, I has a tumblr that I'm on like 24/7. Standard precautions for entering the tumblrverse, you will not make it out alive >:3.

Enjoy you're stay around my weird corner! :D
So yeah, it's been a while. 

I have changed a lot over the past few months (years? Who knows how long *shrugs*) But I think I should just say at least something. 

I may or may not post a lot here any more. Certainly not what I used to. I've considered maybe taking down the account and making a new one, though I'm thinking against it just for my own reasons. I like the stuff I have here, even if it is silly x3

I've found myself in new communities, doing new things and meeting new people. So if you see stuff from said new places, that's why. I may take up writing again. Well... I have, i just don't post here a lot xD

But yeah. Just an update sorta to what's going on with the account. I may or may not post a small fic soon. Don't quote me, I say MAYBE. xD

Hope y'all are doing well. I feel like ending this with some food for thought so :P 
Life is an interesting thing. It remains your own; a constant, for as long as you live. But during that time, so many variables make the experience truly unique, even when you're doing nothing but sitting at a computer screen just talking to people. It's a one-of-a-kind thing that is truly... where am I going with this xD

See y'all .o/
  • Listening to: The radiator o.O
  • Reading: Ender's Game
  • Watching: Cookie Clicker clicker cookiesclickclickclick
  • Playing: Minecraft
  • Eating: Chocolate. Mmmmmmm


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